Statistics on Prisoner Industry, USA

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The US correctional population overall at end 2006 directly involved 1 in every 31 adults:

-- this reported figure does not include prisoner families, guards and other personnel --




adult residents incarcerated or under community supervision:



on probation



on parole



in jail



in state and federal prisons, as below

See also:

Bureau of Justice Statistics, "Probation and Parole in the United States, 2006." data released December 2007 NCJ 220218

Bureau of Justice Statistics, "Prisoners in 2006." data released December 2007 NCJ 219416

The US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) uses various data sets for generating prison & correctional population reports. The major difficulty is the abundance of jurisdictions (including federal, state, local, US territories, Indian Country jails, US military prisons, U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service facilities, and numerous special juvenile detention facilities). BJS collects data & compiles timely reports, then later makes revisions as additional data filters-in from recalcitrant corners of the nation. What is rather creepy is that overall figures involve millions of fellow US citizens.

The USA incarcerated a reported 2,385,213 people at end 2006:



in state and federal prisons (excludes state prisoners in local jails)



in territorial prisons



in local jails



in facilities operated by or exclusively for U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service



in military prisons



in American Indian country jails



in juvenile detention facilities

Bureau of Justice Statistics, "Prisoners in 2006." data released December 2007 NCJ 219416

The above document mentions the nice fact that:

"113,791 State and Federal prisoners were held in privately operated facilities at year end 2006."

Many prisons are overcrowded. When prisons operate above rated capacity, it is bad for guards and inmates!


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